Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Local Color, Movie Review 2

Local Color, Movie Review 2
This review is the second version in the development of this type and style of reviews. It reviews the movie 'Local Color' soon to be released in theaters in the U.S.A. Local Color has already been released to some selected theaters. The movie was written and directed by the true traditional artist, George Gallo. It is a great accomplishment for a true painter, artist to make his own movie with such high quality. The movie was made like a painter would make his best paint. George Gallo is a classic artist.
In this Local Color Review video, Ruben Lara acting as Scorpion the Drunk, wants to become a master French painter after watching the movie preview. The review video by rubenlaracast has French music by the great Jacques Brel as a salute to 'Ne Me Quitte Pas' and composer-singer Jacques Brel. There is also music by composers Hubert Yves Adrian Giraud in 'Sous Le Ciel De Paris' and composer Leo Ferre in 'Paris Canaille.'
In the movie Local Color by George Gallo however, the master painter is Russian and the performance of the actor Armin Mueller-Stahl is amazing and memorable for a long time to come.
All other actors, Trevor Morgan; Ray Liotta; Samantha Mathis; Julie Lott; Ron Perlman; Diana Scarwid; Charles Durning and others acted their part so well that they have a new fan in Ruben Lara. After leaving the theater the most vibrant memory were Armin Mueller-Stahl; Samantha Mathis; Trevor Morgan and Ron Perlman for their part in the movie. Surely Local Color will become a classic.
Other than language used and drinking in the movie there are no complaints. Local Color by George Gallo was written the way life is for some or many people. It is also based in George Gallo's true life experience. Watch the video 'Local Color, Movie Review 2' from Ruben Lara for a star rating from rubenlaracast. Funny humor, comedy, music, a congratulation to George Gallo and a salute to Jacques Brel.
Jacques Brel had a special impressive style. Brel was a native of Belgium, composed in French and died in 1978. Brel is one of Ruben Lara's favorite and a connection to love France and Belgium, as you can tell. Now George Gallo has also become Ruben's favorite and will be looking for more of Gallo's work. George Gallo still alive!
A special note about the videos from Ruben Lara:
Most of Ruben Lara's videos are filmed with little verbal usage for better understanding of the hearing handicapped and international viewer. The character Scorpion as a drunk is used to point out how drunks can sometimes behave. Not to make fun of any person but Ruben Lara's style to make videos to help prevent alcoholism.

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