Friday, January 4, 2008

Fouad al-Farhan Jailed

A view on international politics.
It is many times better to blog than to do it on the streets.
Sometimes when you achieve recognition for something you do well you may attract the wrong kind of people. If Fouad al-Farhan had been asked by criminals for help in freeing their friends in jail, What are his choices? He could be under government protection now. That might not be the case in this situation but we need to understand. The man disappeared almost a month ago and we just found out he was arrested. If you are detained against your will you are under arrest. I don't support terrorism but I do free press.
However, if Fouad al-Farhan was arrested solely for his blog content because the King didn't like it or for free expression, then I have a message for the Saudi Ministry:
Any person writing about Saudi Arabia or any other country is opening a window into your country. We learn to love and admire your country for your achievements. Reporting about internal problems in your country allows us to learn that you have problems just like us. A feeling of country brotherhood is born from this. I respectfully ask you to release this community leader for his efforts and accept the love and warmth from our country to yours.
Peaceful wishes,
Ruben Lara

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