Thursday, May 1, 2008

The freedom of Fouad al-Farhan

Fouad al-Farhan, taken into custody December 10, 2007 and released April 26, 2008. Al-Farhan lost his freedom in Saudi Arabia for blogging, kept in solitary and served 137 days without being charged. The blog offended some in government or violated their rules.

Do you live in a better place? Do you have any freedom of speech? Some countries still arrest people for speaking their mind. It's just like living without freedom or in constant imprisonment of the population. It must be horrible to live under a government that tells you how to think or talk. A government that will hold you back when you have an idea, or concept.

How can a society develop without sharing ideas and working together towards a better and more comfortable way of life or being the best humans can create? Freedom of speech develops a society to come out of the past. A government can help with keeping the folkloric and beautiful traditions of each country. I hope that al-Farhan receives an apology. I hope they let him help their beautiful country and people to develop into an example of government for other countries to follow. I think Saudi Arabia has the resources to develop their people to become one of the most advanced society in the world.

Al-Farhan said he was treated well. I will always be suspicious that he was tortured at some point and told to keep silent for whatever reason. That is just my way of thinking. Logically, if a government pulls a citizen from his job for just criticizing them, is running out of control and needs an overhaul. If the Saudi government don't like this story they should understand that my comments or critics is an effort to help them understand. If I was a Saudi citizen I would love and dedicate my life to help every single citizen. The Saudi government would probably be smiling I'm not.

I am relieved and happy that al-Farhan is with his beautiful family and well. I just wonder about the reason why he was released besides citing the end of the investigation. Who was instrument in his release? If there is such a person or persons- Thank you, you also made my day a better one and may peace be with you.

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