Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A video for all languages.

Korean Faces video on YouTube.
My review on this video:

This amazing video shows Korean faces in an impacting way. The bad part is that South Koreans are our friends and they love the English and Americans. If South Koreans see a video like this they could get offended. We should display more respect to our friends. It is our responsibility to protect our friends. I apologize to the South Koreans for this videomaker's video whether in agreement or not.

However, from an artistic and expressive point of view, this video is great. I wish to see how this videomaker would express him/herself with a love and caring video. It might turn out to be a classic. I suspect that this videomaker would be capable of making a movie of the same caliber as 'The Birds,' a 1963 horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. I might be overrating this videomaker but I was very impressed.

I just hope that this videomaker is not a hater, but did the video as an artistic expression. If this is the situation, the videomaker should have included that it is not the intention to offend the Koreans or anybody.
You can see the video on the link below.


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